Salmon: Born to be Wild



Salmon is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids known as essential fatty acids. These are vital for overall health and yet the body doesn’t make them, you must get them from food. Consumption of Omega-3’s has been associated with a decreased risk for several types of cancer, including breast cancer. Salmon is also a great source of lean protein. Anti-cancer nutrition plans recommend limiting your intake of red and processed meat, so salmon is a perfect replacement!
Include salmon or other small, oily cold-water fish in your diet at least once a week.

Added Benefits

Evidence shows that Omega-3’s have heart healthy benefits and can regulate your cholesterol triglyceride levels. A potent anti-inflammatory, they also help with arthritis and its associated joint pain. Having spent all my summers growing up with family on the Isle-of Lewis (the most northerly of the Hebridean islands off the north west coast of Scotland), I was spoiled by the beautiful, locally caught salmon that was a regular part of my diet. My older cousin Donald Murdo owned a boat that was part of the fishing fleet in the Stornoway harbor. Twice a week he would arrive home with fresh fish to share. Choose wild caught salmon versus farm raised, as the farm raised salmon have fewer Omega-3’s and may contain antibiotics and pesticides. Yuk!

A healthy twist on salmon that the whole family can enjoy!

“Salmon Tacos with Peaches and Fresh Basil” from Clean Eating Magazine

More of a classic!

“Balsamic Glazed Salmon” from Are you a fan of fishing for your own dinner? Share how and where you cast off! email_signoff1

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  1. Fantastic pairing of dainty bra and fleshy salmon!

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