Red Bell Peppers: The Bell of the Ball


Red Bell Peppers

Always at the top of the dance card, and for good reason! Red bell peppers are a rich source of Vitamin C and the carotenoid, Lycopene.
Studies have shown that women with the highest levels of carotenoids in their blood have the lowest risk for breast cancer.
Bell peppers are chock full of other antioxidants like vitamins A, K, folic acid and B6 that absorb cancer causing free radicals. We’re always aiming to fight those free radicals!

Added Benefits

Bell Peppers are low in calories, just one cup has about 45 calories and provides you with MORE than your daily recommendation of Vitamins A and C. All that Vitamin C is a real boost for the immune system too, and we all know how important that is! I enjoy them raw in salads, but my absolute favorite is when they’re roasted. As if they weren’t sweet enough, this just makes them even tastier. Roast in the oven at 400 degrees with a little olive oil for 35 – 40 minutes. Now you can add them to salsa, soups, hummus, burgers or anything you fancy. Another great option is this delicious recipe from one of my favorite’s Joy McCarthy of “Joyous Health”. While you’re on her site, look around for lots more delicious and healthy recipes PLUS lots of other fun tips.

One of my favorite red bell pepper recipes from her...

“Spicy Quinoa Stuffed Peppers” There’s a vegetarian and chicken version.

Fall is here, and with that comes soup season!

“Roasted Red Pepper Soup” from My Whole Food Life What’s your favorite thing about fall? Share below. email_signoff1

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