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Don’t overlook this member of the cruciferous gang. It may not sport the healthy green appearance associated with most of its family, but it is just as nutritionally important. There’s always an exception to a rule and typically I would advise you to avoid white foods (e.g. white rice, potatoes and bread because of their processing and high glycemic index), but cauliflower is the exception to this rule! Cauliflower offers special nutrient support to the three body systems that are closely connected with cancer development and prevention. System 1. Detox System System 2. Antioxidant System System 3. Anti-inflammatory System An imbalance in any one of these systems can increase your cancer risk and when there is an imbalance in all three systems, there is a significant increase in cancer risk. Everyday we are exposed to toxins, whether environmental, through the foods we eat, or the products we use on our bodies and in our homes, and so it is vitally important that we give our bodies the adequate nutritional support, to eliminate these harmful toxins. Out toxins, out!!!
Cauliflower and its miraculous molecules have been found to promote apoptosis (programmed cell death), suppress cell cycle progression and inhibit angiogenesis (the development of new blood vessels) of human breast cancer cells. Not to mention, it helps to regulate hormones and can protect against cell DNA damage.

Added Benefits

Cauliflower is also a good source of many other vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin K, protein, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, folate, pantothenic acid, potassium, and manganese. Cauliflower supports digestions in a couple of ways. It is an excellent source of fiber, but additionally, researchers have determined that the sulforaphane made from a glucosinolate in cauliflower can help protect the lining of your stomach. Who doesn’t love a bit of protection? Despite being very low in fat and having a low glycemic index, just half a cup of cauliflower provides you with 100 milligrams of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. The anti-inflammatory support provided by cauliflower (including its vitamin K and omega-3’s) makes it a food capable of providing cardiovascular benefits Cauliflower was a staple of Sunday dinners when I was growing up. Of course, it was smothered in a thick, cheesy sauce, so we kids thought it was delicious! I would NOT recommend the thick cheesy sauce these days. I am including some healthy and delicious ways for you to prepare cauliflower below. These days you can find cauliflower in the market all year round, but its peak season (December – March) is just around the corner, so enjoy them at their best! This is a great, simple recipe from The World’s Healthiest Foods

5-Minute Cauliflower with Turmeric

Research shows that cauliflower sprinkled with turmeric (which contains the powerful polyphenol curcumin) may be especially powerful in fighting cancer, This anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich dish cooks up in just five minutes, making it perfect for lunch, dinner or even a quick snack. Impressively, one serving of this dish provides 181% of the daily value for vitamin C, 46% for vitamin K, and 33% for folate! Healthy Cauliflower with Turmeric | Serves 2 Ingredients:
  • 1 lb cauliflower
  • 5 tbs low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth
  • 1 tsp turmeric
Mediterranean Dressing
  • 3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 medium cloves garlic, pressed or chopped
  • Sea salt and pepper to taste
  • Cut cauliflower florets into quarters and let sit for 5 minutes to bring out their hidden health benefits.
  • Press or chop garlic and let sit for 5 minutes.
  • Heat 5 tbs broth in a stainless steel skillet on medium heat.
  • When broth begins to steam, add cauliflower and turmeric and cover. For al dente cauliflower, cook for no more than 5 minutes.
  • Transfer to a bowl. For more flavor, toss cauliflower with the remaining ingredients while it is still hot. (Mediterranean Dressing does not need to be made separately.)

Coconut Curried Cauliflower Soup

Soup season is just about upon us, and this is a delicious and beautiful soup to try from The Endless Meal. Kirsten is a Vancouver based Recipe Developer and her website is packed with fabulous recipes! Coconut Curried Cauliflower Soup from The Endless Meal. What was a staple at your Sunday dinners growing up? Share below.

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