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There’s nothing simple about it! Celery is often over looked when it comes to cancer fighting foods, but it should far from take a back seat. Celery contains several substances that are suspected to, or have demonstrated cancer-fighting qualities. Among these are apigenin and luteolin, two specific flavonoids that have shown great promise when it comes to fighting cancer. When cancer cells divide and create a tumor, they need a food and blood supply, so they create their own. Apigenin stops the development of these new blood vessels so tumors can’t grow. Yay! Celery also contains carotenoids, which are also associated with a significant reduction in the risk of breast cancer.
It is also a very alkalizing food. Eating celery reduces your body’s acid levels, helping you to maintain a balanced pH. If your pH level is too acidic, it can stimulate the growth of cancer cells. Studies have shown that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment so staying alkaline is an important part of prevention.

Added Benefits

We are constantly being told the importance of good hydration for our overall health, and celery is a water-packed veggie that helps to boost hydration. It is also an excellent dietary source of immune boosting vitamin C and vitamin K, and also contains potassium, fiber, manganese and some B vitamins. Celery has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, antimicrobial, and diuretic properties and can help lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The tender innermost stalks of a celery plant are called the celery heart, and so it seems only appropriate that it also offers heart healthy benefits. There is rarely a day that I don’t eat celery, and often eat it twice a day. It always makes it into my morning smoothie and then shows up again in my lunchtime salad. It also makes a delicious snack dipped in hummus or almond butter. Crunch!

Winter Fenland Celery and Fennel Salad

This is a delicious winder salad recipe from Love Celery www.lovecelery.co.uk.Can you believe it, an entire website given up to the love of celery?! It specifies a particular type of English celery, but you can use whatever is available! Crispy Winter Fenland Celery and Fennel Salad with Cranberries and Orange

Simple Celery Soup

This is a beautifully simple celery soup from Goodness Green www.goodnessgreen.com Simple Celery Soup What’s your favorite thing to dip celery in? Share below. email_signoff1

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