Raspberries: So Berry Good



Raspberries are SO berry good for you! Sorry, couldn’t resist :) but seriously berries are a major player when it comes to cancer-fighting foods. Clinical studies suggest that consuming raspberries daily can help prevent breast cancer. This is due to their high concentration of ellagic acid, found mostly in the tiny seeds. Ellagic acid can be found in others foods, but raspberries are one of the highest sources of this superstar substance. Ellagic acid is a proven anti-carcinogen, and inhibitor of breast cancer. Studies in the lab have shown ellagic acid can reduce the effect of estrogen in promoting growth of breast cancer cells.
Raspberries are also a source of quercetin, gallic acid, kaempferol and salicylic acid, all of which have chemopreventive properties (essentially, they protect healthy tissue from the toxic effects of anticancer drugs).
More good news, the ellagic acid found in raspberries retains its potency even if the berries are frozen or cooked, so anyway you eat them, you’ll reap their breast cancer fighting benefits.

Added Benefits

The beautiful dark red color of raspberries comes from flavonoids. These compounds work with fiber to promote health and prevent disease. Their high fiber content and antioxidants also support heart health. Raspberries are bursting with flavor and nutrients, yet they are very low in calories. 1 cup has just 52 calories, 44% of your DV of vitamin C and 7g of fiber. Studies show that you get significantly more antioxidant support from raspberries that are fully ripe, so eat them at their peak!

This is a nutritious and simple breakfast idea!

If you haven’t tried an overnight soak breakfast, you’re missing out. Plus, what could be easier? Not a morning person? It's ready to grab and go! Try this recipe for Raspberry Almond Overnight Oats from Tastes of Lizzy T’s www.tastesoflizzyt.com - recipe developed by Erin of Delightful E Made www.delightfulemade.com http://www.tastesoflizzyt.com/2015/04/02/raspberry-almond-overnight-oats-recipe/ 



This recipe for Raspberry Vinaigrette...

Is not only healthy but so pretty! Thank Sara, The Organic Dietician :) www.theorganicdietitian.com http://www.theorganicdietitian.com/raspberry-vinaigrette-to-honor-breast-cancer-awareness-month/ What I also love about this is that Sara does a great job of explaining why even some of the supposedly “healthy” store bought salad dressings still contain unhealthy ingredients. It is always best to make your own! Do you have a favorite healthy, salad dressing recipe you’d like to share? email_signoff1

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