Green Tea: Catcha-What?


Green Tea

What could be simpler than making a cup of tea? Having grown up in Scotland, making tea was an ongoing event. Everyone is always “putting the kettle on” and I love that! I’ve always been a big fan, but I no longer take my tea the way I used to (with a hefty splash of milk). Now that I’ve discovered the virtues of Green Tea, I’ll never go back! Green tea has been well studied for its cancer-fighting and cancer prevention properties. All edible plants have some antioxidant activity, but green tea is a superstar in this arena.
Green tea is rich in these naturally occurring plant compounds (polyphenols) and within the group of polyphenols are flavonoids, which contain catechins. The most well studied and seemingly powerful of these catechins is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which has been shown to have a positive effect on many different diseases and health issues, including several types of cancer.
Laboratory studies have shown that EGCG slows the growth of breast cancer cells and can also be extremely effective at protecting cells against DNA damage caused by free radicals. EGCG can also discourage the growth of the blood vessels that feed the tumors. Pour me another!

Added Benefits

Green tea helps fight inflammation in the body and has been shown to have neuroprotective, antioxidant, and antihypertensive properties and may reduce the risk of stroke. Green tea may also improve glucose metabolism and has been shown to support weight loss. I’m always looking for ways to help protect my bones and green tea consumption has been found to be associated with increased bone mineral density. I’ll take it! When I’m at home I like to use loose-leaf green tea. I’m hooked on the Jasmine Green Tea from Rishi, thanks to Mandy Reckers, my amazing naturopathic doctor for turning me on to it! I have a glass mug with its own built in infuser and lid that makes the job easy peasy! Plus the tea looks so pretty through the glass. This happens to be the one I use, but there are others out there. Another thing I love is the “ceremony” around tea. It’s like a special little break in your day…a time to pause and catch your breath! In case you’ve never been into making hot tea, and as simple as it sounds, just don’t quite know where to start, I’m including a link to a short and sweet video that shows you how. A great point that is mentioned in the video is that you can reuse the tea from your infuser and have another cup, and another….

Preparing Green Hot Tea

Preparing Green Hot Tea from Maya Tea Co. on Vimeo.

Whipped Coconut Green Tea Moisturizer

Now for something completely different! Stephanie Gerber from Hello Natural explains some of the beauty benefits of green tea in her wonderful Whipped Coconut Green Tea Moisturizer. 402f4e3a5c254a0c6831a8b5f8fd9954 Do you drink green tea? Do you have a special way you prepare it or a favorite time of day you enjoy it? Share below. email_signoff1

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4 comments on “Green Tea: Catcha-What?

  1. Hello Alison! I’ve been a convert to green tea since around 2002. Used to be hard to get but now, thankfully, we can find it in most places (like you I no longer drink old fashioned brown with milk! :-)).
    I like the Chinese gunpowder, and I drink it by dropping a small (I drink it quite weak, then I don’t get that horrid dry tannin taste) pinch of leaves into a china mug, then fill the mug with water that is just off the boil (so as not to scorch the tea). I leave the leaves floating around in the mug, and sip it from there (sometimes I manage to drink a leaf, but I’m sure that doesn’t harm me!). So refreshing!
    Last year I got some Camellia sinensis seeds and I now have 3 green tea plants of my own! Not much to harvest yet, but they are growing away healthily on my windowsill :-) Love, Kathryn

    • Dear Kathryn,
      Oh, thanks so much for sharing your tea making method. I love the detail and can almost picture you doing it! I really LOVE that you specifically mention a “china” mug…its just not the same in a chunky mug, is it?! I’m beyond impressed that you’re now growing your own, but then you are a horticulturist, so it makes sense! Keep me posted on their progress. Perhaps send a photo of your first cup from your very own plants!

  2. Love black tea, not a green tea fan . But if I can enjoy Brussel sprouts now—maybe there is hope. Perhaps it’s the tannins as suggested above? Do black teas have any of the benefits? Or any other suggestions for ways to ease in?
    Thank you wise lady!

    • Dear Trish,
      Now that you’ve conquered Brussels Sprouts, I feel confident that you can learn to love Green Tea :) I think the tannins may be part of the problem…so the key there is not to let it steep too long (2 mins). Black tea does have some health benefits, BUT not nearly as many and it doesn’t have the all-important cancer-fighting properties of green tea. It’s also much more processed than green tea. I think we need to find you a version that has another flavor included, e.g. jasmine, to ease you in :) I will send some options home with your hubby for you to try :)

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