Shattered but Not Broken

shattered Today the unthinkable happened to me. I dropped a mirror and it shattered!! I gasped as I looked at it on the floor and of course my first thought went immediately to the superstition “that’ll be 7 years of bad luck”. A few years ago I would have totally bought into this, but not today! I quickly regrouped, picked the mirror off the floor and told it “You don’t have power over me”. It felt good to look defiantly at the cracks and see things differently. My next thought was, “where’s a ladder? I need to walk under one”! I used to be the queen of superstition. It’s so interesting how this has shifted and I didn’t even really notice it happen, until I was confronted by this incident.

When did this happen? Why did this happen? How did this happen?

I can only imagine that the past three-ish years of my life are responsible for many changes in me, some of which I’m only just finding out about. I have dealt with much worse than a shattered mirror and I’ve proven to myself that I cannot be broken. No superstition can scare me or control me. I have proven to myself that I’m in charge of my life, my health, my destiny. I am not a victim and I’m certainly not a victim to an old wives tale.

Damn, I’m feeling bold and powerful!

As small and silly of a thing as this seems, it’s just another marker in the progress I’ve made. I feel like my life has taken on a whole new dimension. I wake up everyday excited and ready to work on my passions; nutrition, prevention, health…and of course, my blog!

I am always looking forward.

And I have SO much to look forward to. I can hardly wait to begin my new Masters in Nutrition program in January. The very thought of all I can learn and the potential good I can then do with that information, makes me positively giddy. I was thinking just the other day, about the fact that prior to this blog, I’ve never really written before. I’m all too aware of the fact that I’m not “technically” a great writer and will never be classified as a “writer” as such. However, I’m perfectly OK with that because my desire was never to be a “writer” but a “communicator”. I see those things very differently. My goal is not to write the next great American novel, but to learn all that I can about health and nutrition and in turn pass this information on to others, in the simplest, most appealing way possible. So, I thank my broken mirror for yet another good reminder of the new, powerful life that I have. One that I’m grateful for everyday. It was a long, windy, bumpy road to this place but I don’t regret any of it. I am who I am because of every crack I crossed and all those cracks have brought me to a place of feeling whole. Are you superstitious? How does it affect your life? Would you like to try to leave those superstitious thoughts behind you and join me in my new found freedom? Please share, we’d love to hear. email_signoff1