Reduced Visibility

Do you ever feel like you’re turning in on yourself?

As I looked out at the fog hanging heavily over my house this morning, the first thought I had was that it was going to be a blah, dreary day. DSC_0008

Fog used to be a BIG part of my life.

Scotland is well known for its foggy days and when I was growing up I never saw fog as a positive or beautiful thing. I think about the times we’d be driving around Loch Lomond and the fog would be so thick that we’d barely be moving and my poor dad would have the side window down with his head sticking out of it and trying to drive at the same time. Quite a challenge! Fog seemed to me to cause difficulty and danger. Sometimes I just thought of fog as something that blocked my view. I resented it for this. Why did it have to hang around and hide things? Over the years I’ve come to love and appreciate the beauty of fog in certain situations though. Driving though Glencoe I’m constantly gasping at the beauty of the mountains with the fog suspended between them. The sight of fog hovering over water is also hard to beat. Now I appreciate the haunting quality that fog brings to the land and seascape.

Today I had a new thought as I looked out at the fog.

I thought how nice it is not to be able to see too far way or too far ahead. How it was comforting to feel enclosed and cozy. Safe and sound. Surrounded and protected. I felt like the fog was giving me permission to turn inward. There is so much visual stimulation in our lives. Everywhere we look there’s something to take our minds off one thing and on to the next, or distract us in some way.

I felt as though I was being forced to look inward instead of outside myself.

When we are encouraged to look “in” instead of “out”, we have the opportunity to see something we may otherwise miss. Think about something we may otherwise not give time to. Ponder or solve a problem. Access our creativity.

I can see clearly now!

Fog can certainly change our day, but it doesn’t have to be in a negative way, the way I used to see it. Fog can actually help you see further than you ever thought possible. Further into yourself, your mind, your heart, your soul. So the next time the fog rolls in, I’m going to take full advantage of what might lie within, instead of what lies outside myself. How do you feel about fog? Are you a fan? How does fog change your day or how you feel? Please share below, we’d love to hear. email_signoff1